About us

We are FACT, the student association for all students of Fontys Communication in Eindhoven. With great pleasure we organise study related activities and parties. The activities of FACT are designed to, not only contribute to your professional development in our field, but also to give you an unforgettable time as a student at our school.

We Are:

It’s not just our workshops and guest lectures that are educational, you learn a lot from each other as well. We at FACT help each other to get the best out of ourselves and our education, through networking and socializing.

As a member of FACT, your world gets bigger than just knowing your own classmates. Every year from 1stup until 4th(and even some teachers) is represented in our members. We can proudly say that everyone at FACT makes friends for life.

With our gatherings and parties, we do everything we can to give you an unforgettable time. (Even if you might not remember that one night you did one too many shots ; ) )

The committees and what they do:

To get all the activities up and running, we need students who are enthusiastic and motivated to organize hem with us. Currently we have four committees consisting of 23 active members. In this section you can read who they are and what they do:

The study committee
The study committee is the foundation of our association. They organize workshops, guest lectures and pubquizes (even an occasional escape room) throughout the year. In addition, they are also ready to help students study for exams, internships, or other difficult choices during the study.

The communication committee
We couldn’t call ourselves the association of communication studies if we didn’t have a great communication committee ourselves. They are responsible for all online and offline communication of our association. Posters in the study halls, Social Media, this very website, and basically everything you come across from FACT is written and designed by these heroes.

The party committee
The party committee needs no introduction. They throw wonderful parties every time in our favourite bar and base camp: The Villa Fiesta. The After -intro, beer pong tournaments, and our good bye-so long party before summer break, are just a mere grip out of the countless legendary evenings these party animals make happen every time.

The recruitment committee
Without our members, we wouldn’t even be FACT. That’s why we have a recruitment committee responsible for recruiting new members. A super fun task that makes them get to know all the new students during the first week of introduction. Hoping to get them just as excited as they are about being a part of our society.

The international committee?
This is where you guys come in. As you can see this committee is written with a question mark at the end. That’s because it doesn’t exist (yet). We are hoping to get to know all the International Communication Management students that are starting their education at our school this year.

Before this year, our school just hosted Dutch education and Dutch students. Meaning the communication of our entire Association was also just in Dutch. This year we are welcoming a lot of students from different parts of the world.

New for your, we understand. But also new for us! This is why we’d like to get to know in the first few months of school. Don’t worry, we give you plenty of time to get settled in our beautiful Eindhoven. We won’t invade your agenda’s with endless activities. We will just host some activities, so you can get a hint of what we do and if you’d like to actively participate in them. This is not a one way thing. We’d also really like to hear what you guys are looking for in a student association! Basically anything is possible, we are open for new insights!

Ideally we’d like to fill this international committee in February with enthusiast and social students who’d like to organize activities to bring our Dutch and international students closer. So the activates will have a networking, or worldly oriented character. Together, we are FACT.

The board:

An association can’t function without a board. We currently are a three headed board:
Chairman: Joris van Grinsven
Secretary: Tycho Wetzels
Treasurer: Lyonne Eskak
Commissioner: Catelijne Goossens

We will walk in and around the school a lot, if you have any questions feel free to come up to us and have a chat. If you can’t find us we’re probably in class or in our office at the end of the hall. Still nothing, just send us a DM on Instagram or FB and we’ll get back to you.

Rachelsmolen 1, 5612MA, Eindhoven (Room R4 1.07)