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We are FACT, the study association for students at Fontys Communicatie Eindhoven and Fontys Internatonal Communication Management. With much enthousiasm, we organise study related activities and parties. Not only do these activities have a contribution to your professional development, they make for an unforgettable study time!


Not only are our workshops and guestspeakers educational, we can learn from each other as well. At FACT we help each other to bring out the best of us and your education. 


As a FACT member, you don't only get to know your classmates, you also get to know different people throughout the school. With causious pride, we can say that with FACT, you make friends for a lifetime.


With our parties, we do everything we can to contribute to an unforgettable* study time.
(*except for the night we can't remember ;))

The commissions and what they do:

To organise all events, we need people to do it. At FACT we have 4 commissions for this. Learn more about who they are and what they do:

The Study Commission

The Study Commission is the foundation of our study association. They organise throughout the year workshops and guestspeakings. They also help students learn for their exams, help with presentations and have a summary for you.

The Communication Comission

No communication management study without a communication commission! They are responsible for all on- and offline communication of our association. Posters, Instagram, Facebook, almost everything you see from FACT is designed and made by these people!

The Party Commission

The Party Commission doesn't need an introduction. They organise the great parties in the Villa Fiesta, every period. Starting with the afterintro, to the beerpong tournament and end of year drinks.

The Recruitement Commission

Without our members, there wouldn't be FACT. That's why we have the Recruitement Commission for the recruitement of new members. A fun task which gives us the oppertunity to get to know u guys on the introduction week!

Become a FACT Member! This is your chance on an unforgettable study time.

The Board

An association cannot go without a board. They'd like to introduce themselves!

Joris van Grinsven


Tycho Wetzels


Catelijne Goossens


Get in touch!

Are you an (upcoming) Communicatie of International Communication Management student and do you have questions about FACT?
Or are you a professional and are you interested in working together? Don't hesitate and contact us!

Rachelsmolen 1, 5612MA, Eindhoven (lokaal 1.07)

Or send us a meesage on Facebook or Instagram.
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